Welcome to Crates and Cribs

This blog, along with it’s associated Facebook Group, started as a networking site for dog owners who became parents of human children. How is that different from parents with dogs? Well, it is difficult to explain, but the blog post of one of my friends is a start.

As anyone would tell you, dog people can be kind of different. While we all love our dogs, dog people often consider them “fur kids”, and even after having children, while we recognize that dogs are dogs and different from children, we still love our dogs as second children. True dog people who have children do not banish their dogs to the backyard when the human kids arrive.We incorporate them into our lives with kids, take them along to the park, bring the kids to our doggy events, and raise our children understanding that the dogs are a part of the family.

We do keep our children safe, via baby gates, crates, and yes, sometimes the dogs are in the yard when we cannot supervise the kids and dogs directly. But a principal difference is that, while our children are young, they are joining us at competitions and practice sessions with our dogs. Our daughter comes with me to flyball practice every weekend, and to agility practice sessions that I share with another dog mom.

In this blog, I hope to share not only great experiences with my child at dog events, but also safety tips and recommendations. And I hope that you, my readers, will also offer your suggestions for managing the kids and the dogs together at competitions, practice sessions, and other dog activities.